Clearlines to launch at The Care Show 2023!

t’s nearly time! Over the past few weeks our founder, Tom, has been drip-feeding Clearlinesvia Linked In, but today, we’re spilling the beans on our big debut at The Care Show 2023

Get ready to meet Clearlines, the UK’s first legal and financial risk assessment app for care providers.

Clearlines, born from the brilliant minds of the father-son duo, Nick and Tom Ash, is a fusion of technical wizardry, first-hand experience of the process of transitioning a loved one into care, and a deep understanding of the legal sector. With almost two decades of experience in the elderly private client domain and a desire to iron out the creases in what is a life-changing transition, Nick and Tom are ready to lead the way in optimising the care journey.

Signing up to Clearlines gives providers access to a carefully curated questionnaire which the care seekers support circle will be given to fill in. This will

take information relating to the care seekers current financial situation, their legal documents (wills, lasting powers of attorney etc), health and social data and accessibility requirements and use risk tiers (green, amber and red) to relay to the care provider (for example, using the financial information to estimate how long the client can self-fund or whether they will be state-funded). This enables the care provider to prepare properly for their potential new client, and allows the care seeker to get their affairs in order and feel more prepared going into care.

Once filled in, 2 reports are generated. The first report goes to the care provider, with all of the information they will need to make a sustainable care plan and also with any advice Clearlines has fed back to the care seeker and their support circle. The second report will be sent to the care seeker and their support circle, with suggestions on what they can do to prepare for care (for example, make lasting powers of attorneys).

As you may know, moving into care isn’t just a change for the individual receiving it; it’s a seismic shift that ripples through the lives of family, friends and caregivers. The stress and uncertainty can be overwhelming for everyone involved. But here’s the good news: Clearlines is here to make that journey smoother and less daunting.

Imagine a world where communication between care seekers and care providers is crystal clear, where you know what to expect at every step of the way. That’s what Clearlines brings to the table – transparency and predictability in the care journey.

Clearlines isn’t just an app; it’s a mission. We believe that every step of the care journey should be met with empathy and expertise. It’s about providing assurance through clear lines of communication, ensuring that everyone involved feels supported and informed.

So, here’s your invitation: join us on this transformative path. Together, we’ll make a positive impact on the lives of those who are in a particularly vulnerable time in their lives. The Care Show is the perfect platform to kickstart this journey, bringing together individuals, teams, and organisations with a shared vision to improve the quality of care in the UKStay tuned for more updates as we get ready to shine at The Care Show 2023.

Clearlines is here, and we can’t wait to embark on this exciting adventure with you!

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