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About us

Founded in 2023, Clearlines is a care readiness app that provides a secure platform for care providers to understand more about individuals seeking care, identifying the potential risks and advising on how these can be mitigated.

Why Clearlines?

Our mission is to open clear lines of communication between care seekers and care providers to foster a collaborative relationship between providers and their clients and to encourage a smoother transition into care. Our app aims to reduce the stress and uncertainty of the care-seeking process and to provide a secure, user-friendly platform for people to find the care they need.

The Clearlines Report

Clearlines’ reports prioritise compassion, focusing on Legal, Social, and Financial risk factors to foster inclusive, quality care environments. They serve not just to mitigate risks but to ensure each individual’s care journey is supported and safeguarded.

By considering the legalities, we protect rights and keep the client at the heart of their care. Social factors consider the importance of community and belonging, while financial assessments ensure care is accessible and sustainable for everyone involved. This approach not only elevates care standards but deeply integrates the values of inclusion and safety, making Clearlines a trusted partner in delivering advice that truly understands and addresses the diverse needs of UK Care Clients.

Ensuring your client has a solid legal foundation ensures that the client is at the centre of their care package at all times. For a provider ensuring a solid legal plan is in place helps create a clear line of communication to the a clients support circle. 

Clearlines is like having your own private client lawyer on pay role. Let us do the work for you.

Is your client getting the care they deserve? Use our estate calculator to ensure the clients care package reflects what they are entitled to. 

The Clearlines financial assessment will also ensure that you as a provider are not excessively sacrificing your rate to the local authority. 

Where is your clients support circle? Who is the in the Support circle? What language do they speak?

The Clearlines social assessment will give you that all important context of your client. This is person centred care from a helicopter view.

Without assigning risk factors to health conditions, there are other services and clinicians for that, Clearlines gives you a holistic view of the client you are onboarding. Giving you ALL of the information from the start.  

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